For Clubs

As a Scottish Gymnastics' club you owe a duty of care to your members taking part in Gymnastics. Furthermore, if you have employees, then the law requires you to have Employers Liability Insurance.

The insurance we provide to Scottish Gymnastics member clubs is summarised as follows:

  • Legal Liability insurance - this indemnifies the club against claims or allegations of injury or damage, caused by you or your members, arising out of the SG recognised activities. The limit of indemnity is £15m
  • Employers' Liability insurance - This indemnifies the club against claims from employees who have sustained an injury or industrial disease as a result of their activities whilst working for you. The indemnity limit is £10m and this is a Statutory compulsory class of insurance.
  • Management Liability insurance - the club and its committee members, trustees, directors and managers have a personal liability for any claim that is made against the club for breach of duty / wrongful acts in relation to:
    • corporate governance
    • mismanagement of the club finances
    • breach of regulations
    • corporate manslaughter