The cover detailed on this web site is a summary only and should not be regarded as the full extent of the policy cover provided, nor the exclusions applicable to it.

Personal Accident

This is a summary of the main benefits provided by the Group Personal Accident Policy arranged on behalf of Scottish Gymnastics and its members.

This summary does not include details of all the cover provided by the policy or all the terms and conditions of the policy, which can be found in the policy document.

There is no need to prove someone was ‘negligent` to trigger a claim and the cover is arranged primarily to assist with rehabilitation following an accident.

Whilst benefits are included for physiotherapy, manipulative massage and soft tissue treatment, this is not a private health insurance and the costs of medication, private consultation and surgery are not insured benefits.

Cover is provided to Members of Scottish Gymnastics who are involved in a single identifiable accident leading to a specific traumatic injury whilst taking part in any Scottish Gymnastics discipline or activity in a Scottish Gymnastics environment.

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Personal Accident

Recognised activities & environments

Scottish Gymnastics' insurance provides cover to clubs, coaches, members and officials when taking part in recognised activities within recognised environments.